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Let's get right down to it. People almost always ask "What does lexicon mean?" The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines "lexicon" as follows:

n. 1. A dictionary. 2. A vocabulary used in a particular profession, subject, or style. [<Gk lexikon (biblion), (book) pertaining to words.]

Obviously, I chose the name Lexicon Services with the second meaning in mind. For the whole story, check out the birth of Lexicon Services.

Now that we have dealt with that little issue, welcome to the Lexicon Services home page. I hope you have a pleasant stay.

What Does Lexicon Services Do?

Lexicon Services supplies companies in the Silicon Valley area with technical documentation (technical writing and editing) and documentation project management services on a contract basis. Usually working directly with the product and the software engineers, Lexicon Services can provide a wide range of documentation:

o User's Guides
o Reference Manuals
o Help Systems
o World Wide Web Pages
o Product Specifications
o Technical Notes
o White Papers
o Marketing Materials

Who is Lexicon Services?

For the moment (and for the forseeable future) Lexicon Services is just one person, me, also known as Richard J. Koolkin (click here to see my resume).

At Lexicon Services, I act in the following capacities: CEO, CFO, owner, operator, lead writer, editor, secretary, receptionist, delivery boy, sales rep, marketing manager, and bookkeeper (yes, the check is in the mail). If you may wonder how I can do all those jobs, there is a simple answer: Coffee and Jolt Cola

You maybe wondering "How can just one person do a really big job?" or "How can just one person do a job with a tight deadline?" or maybe "What about graphics?"

The answer is simple: I get help.

I have been in this business since 1987. During that time, I have worked with some pretty good people. When I run into a job I can't handle alone, I get someone I know and trust to do part of the work. As for graphics, I can do simple stuff like flowcharts and process diagrams, but for heavy-duty graphics like technical illustrations or exploded views, I get somebody who is good at it (and who likes doing it).

Well, that about covers it. Thanks for visiting. I hope you stop by again soon.


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Want More Info?

For more information on Lexicon Services, or if you have specific questions, please e-mail rkoolkin_AT_lexicon-services.com.

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